Ceramic Water Whetstone - 5000 Grit





This ceramic sharpening whetstone by GLOBAL has been specially developed for use with professional quality kitchen knives. If you follow the detailed instructions enclosed in the packaging, you can achieve spectacular results, even exceeding the knives, ex-factory sharpness levels! It is the recommended way to keep your knives in the best condition for use. This 5000 Grit stone is classed as a "fine" finish and should be used to finely hone your knives. The stone is made of hardened ceramic powder for quick, easy work and can be used immediately after wetting - there's no need for a lengthy submersion in water. Attached to the whetstone is a porcelain slab for rigidity. The whetstone rests in a removable, rubber-like plastic base to prevent slippage while it's being used.